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NTRODUCTIONFor efficient production of animal products, the right amount of nutritionally adequate feedstuff should be supplied to the animal. All dietary components, such as energy, amino acid (AA), vitamins, and minerals are important when formulating diets for swine and poultry, however more attention should be given to the dietary energy and AA, as these components account for major cost of sw ...
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Martin Smith, Technical Service Director, Animal Nutrition, explains how Evonik has recognised the need to expand its services to meet the growing challenges faced by nutritionists and livestock production managers; building on the company’s strong foundation and experience in animal
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Meike,This really looks like this source of creatin improves the metabolic utilisation of feed energy.Perfect trial design under sensitive conditions! The negative control depresses yields and the creatin source more than re-establishes yield of the positive control.It looks like this additive pays for itself and at the same time increases profits by reducing diet cost.An economic calculation woul ...
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Note: Creamino® is no longer distributed through Evonik. Since July 2020, Evonik is selling its own product GuanAMINO® to the market. Please contact us directly or get in touch with your local Evonik representative for more information or purchaseConclusionsThe supplementation of CreAMINO® (600 g/t) to an energy-reduced diet (–50 kcal/kg) enabled broilers to perform, at least, at ...
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