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We have a cure for white fecal disease in shrimp. The product is based on Nano Mole ules from phyto molecules and enzymes. It improves the regeneration of shrimp gut epithelium. Also improves immunity and regenerates the gut.
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This new reality sort of starts off on the right footing. But after the nursery stage the ideas are abandoned for a more conventional system. As the nursery stage is towards a more natural feeding system and this works because the species is receiving an improved nutrient supply via a normal food chain at least in part, the next stage is really to increase this food chain in variety and form all o ...
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We already have a few phytobiptic combinations which are successful in treating gut infections and preventing viral infections in shrimp. Is there a way to collaborate with liptoda. I would like to connect with somebody in liptpsa regarding the same.
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We have a phytobiotic based fermentation product which is 100% guaranteed in all stages and also controls for more than 45 days.
Product published on February 18, 2016
This is a unique product based on Phytobiotics in a nano formulation. Presented in a Gel form the product is easy to apply by diluting in water and coating the feed pellets. Supported by a combination of powerful nano carriers and absorption activators teh product starts its effect within 24 hours of application and completely cures the disease within 3 days.
The publication of this product is complete.
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February 18, 2016
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