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Previously in India there were earthern nursery ponds, where the farmers used to rear for 30 days, to reach up to 2.5 to 3 gms, then stocked in grow out ponds. This practice helped them to successfully assess the total biomass in the grow out ponds, but could not help in additional growth or arrest of disease.Providing nurseries with pvc or cement tanks increases cost of production and need t ...
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Fish meal addition in the feed formulation improves attractability apart from nutritionl point of view. Partial replacement may be possible if it is acceptable for farmers. I have formulated and produced balanced aminoacid feed by partial replacement of fish meal, due to less fish aroma it is not acceptable to aquacultuarists. It needs practical study and extension work
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This is Dr P V S V Prasada Rao,consultant Scientist in Aquaculture in India with with 32 years active field experiance, white faecal disease is the destruction of villi and epithelial layers of haepato pancreas by V.parahaemiliticus and other vibrio sps.It can be preventable and controlable by avoiding the formation of sludge by proper aeration, removal sludge,application of nitrifing bacteria and ...
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Nice presentation.It will be very nice if the other provides information to avoid pollution free environment at soil water interface in a practical manner.
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I am a consultant scientist, aquaculture with 31 years field experience,did my Ph.d in fisheries in1987,Proprietor of Indo Aqua Technologies feed mill at visakhapatnam ,India.Please call me for any quaries in grow out culture, nutrition, hatchery problems etc.
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