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Dr. Marchenkov, in relation to your question on binders binding vitamins, please keep in mind that today customers are using maximum of 2 kg per ton of feed toxin binder. I won't recommend anything more than that. At such levels of inclusion, vitamin binding is zero or very minimal. 70% of the global feed today contains one or other mycotoxin binder. Very rarely we get questions from customers on ...
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Doctor Walker, Thank you for the comments on my comments. Yes perhaps NE might be the way to go but I feel more work is necessary. We have produced prediction equations for NE based on crude protein, ether extract and either AMEn or AME (Wu et al 2019: Poult Sci 98:1222-1234). For a high protein ingredients such as SBM the predicted NE value is different if one uses the equation based on AME vs A ...
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1. IntroductionMycotoxins are among the secondary metabolites released by molds, particularly fungi, which contaminate agricultural products pre-harvest, during harvest, and/or postharvest and mostly exhibit toxicity to animals and humans [1–3]. Common mycotoxins include aflatoxins, ochratoxins, zearalenone (ZEA), patulin, sterigmatocystins (STCs),citrinin, ergotamine, deoxynivalenol (DON), ...
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Hi to all: I agree with Mr Robert that basically prolapse is because of management topics but to analyse the causes and to solve it must look at which age it occurs?1- Just after start of production2- in the middle age whiteout observe it before that time3- in aged flocks for example more than 60 weeks age? In start of production it is the very bad kind and is due to bed management in rearing, spe ...
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Well, HSCAS (zeolite powders) or any kinds of binders belong to smectile group, which is only strongly binding to aflatoxins but not much to the other mycotoxins. Until to now, these products have not much varied in the capacity to absorb aflatoxins. The difference, perhaps due to the processing in each product. For example, the absorption capacity is belonging to surface area of product so that i ...
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Good review about Fumonisin, Vomitoxin, and Other Mycotoxins in Corn Produced
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In most cases like that, you can combinated an adsorbent in your feed; however you should carefully choice which kind of sorbent can adsorb T2 and zearalenone. NQT Vietnam
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