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Dear, Thank you for that insight. High rate contribution.
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Gentlemen. Thank you all for this brilliant article. It recalls to anybody who is acting in the poultry sector that the challenges are real but not impossible to encounter. In our tropical area we are facing the same difficulties with laughing doves. With the help of modern technologies we have put in the air diffusion of their predators sound. It works sometimes. Have to choose between key factor ...
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Poultry associations of farmers in Africa are advised to take the full advantage of a 4 decade knowledge capitalization of various case studies and scientific reports by the NGO to improve on technical management in tropical poultry farm businesses in Africa This NGO can be invited to deliver sensitive findings on Gumboro disease, Marek's disease, safe water for poultry and the nut ...
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Dear Khaled, Thanks a lot for the paper. It was written about Egypt but the advices suit well to our tropical west African farms managing.
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dear Ismet, I totally agree on the lack of veterinarian and the special amounts you are about to expose when you are interested in participating to the events like this one? may be a direct paid online participation or paid podcasts could provide a little solution?
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Dear, Do not mind of the delay. Thanks a lot.
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Thanks a lot for the Sharp answers. Sincerely yours BAWINDSOMDE
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DEar Mamode Morning, I do agree that it is not an easy business. According to you, rearing PS, in the beginning males will gain weight feeded by female feeders. Could you please explain to us that conclusion because I do not understand how it can be reached using separate and special diets? BAWINDSOMDE from BURKINA FASO
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Thanks a lot. It ïs a sum up full of tips for all field managers. The challenges we re facing have really been underlined.
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