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INTRODUCTIONAccording to the World Health Organization, Campylobacter is a leading cause of the diarrheal disease (World Health Organization [WHO], 2018). The genus Campylobacter is comprised of over 20 species. Strains of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli are generally considered some of the more significant concerns among foodborne pathogens for human health (Korczak et al., 2006; Have ...
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hi everyone, Never too late. Prof ADEJORO, congrats. A very necessary circle field theory theory field is welcome HERE; Burkina FAso Invitation is still pending.
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I have raised broilers both on deep litter and in broiler cages in and outside Nigeria, I can boldly tell that the difference is clear, birds raised on cages performed better, i think it all depends on our technical- know -how. Breeds of poor genetic potential are much in Nigeria because of the springing up of mushroom hatcheries, they are not helping the poultry industry and poor/ adulterated ra ...
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Professor Kula contribution from research and experiences stated on first paragraph that broilers can be raised successfully in cages without much problem ,to me this a strong strength to our presentation and conservation Peck order, cage fatigue I'd a common challenges in cages rearing and can be nutritionally managed like feet problems and coccidiosis in floor rearing which will be financially ...
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Iganya Samson thank you for sharing my experience ,as technology is advancing daily? I.
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I have practical cases on ground. The even in the hot humid climate. With production and profitability analysis. I am talking of practical experience and not theory. Today there are brooder cages on sale and even when you intend to modify existing cages by using mini chick drinkers and feeders to brood hit is possible.I will advise Dr. to see me for details as my client found the idea very pr ...
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Dear Sir, thanks for your question With our program, the recommended program is 3 doses during rearing period (1st week, 6 weeks and 16 weeks) and then a vaccination during prodution at 55 weeks.
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Dr. Md. Zaminur Rahman Now tha that the Covid situation is improving, the WVEPAH will offer face to face courses for 2023. Please go to the WVEPAH website ( for details on how to participate. We publish news regularly. Regards,
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Dr. Socorro,It is a long time since I read from you. If I am right. Do you suggest in case of an outbreak, to vaccinate coarse spray Lasota or is it a false understanding?Thank you.
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Alberto Profumo Hi, This is Bawindsomde from Burkina Faso. Welcome. I know i ll learn from all you experts. Cheers
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