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IPPE Marketplace - International Production & Processing Expo 2021
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Originality’ is not easy to find and difficult to sustain. We are proud for being originator of ‘Veterinary Ayurveda’ and pioneering phytogenic research for ensuring sustainable well-being. Since 1951, Indian Herbs has searched, researched, scientifically developed, pharmacologically tested and clinically evaluated herbal products on modern scientific lines.
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Is ‘being natural’ enough to make a positive difference in animal care, and ensuring feed-food safety? Due to growing popularity of phytogenics, the necessity for the assessment of quality, safety, and efficacy is increasingly felt. We try to give you a glimpse of the ‘Science’ behind the nature, so that you do not settle for anything less than than the best.
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The pKa of formic acid is known (3.75 as indicated by someone else). As for how this affects dissociation, that depends on the pH of the surrounding environment. The degree of association/disassociation between the cation and anion is dependent on the pH of the solution. Formic acid added to feed with a pH of 6-7 will completely disassociate. However, once that acidified feed is consumed and furth ...
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January 18, 2016
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