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Ram mohan rao
M.Tech Biotechnology
Shrimp culture grow out ponds technical service
M.Tech Biotechnology
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garuku govindarao . . Ya. . . scientifically high pH is required for EDTA reaction with solutes in water. So aquaculture ponds usually having the between 7.8 - 8.2 at morning time. I want to know that, is there any positive results based stories available in the field. On Using EDTA in the hard pond water, brings some positive signs ( elieving stress due to water hardness) in the shrimp ...
Participation in Forum on June 18, 2019
EDTA is chelating agent it has heavy metal binding properties and able to detoxify the metal toxicity. Farmers believe that metals contribute to increasing the hardness instead of divalent cations.
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2019
Thank you for this information I have a doubt using bile acids. If water deteriorates shrimp will go under stress conditions at that time they hardly come to eat feed. Then how will control the said diseases.
Participation in Forum on November 27, 2018
Thanks for your explanation
Participation in Forum on May 4, 2018
Sir, I am using probiotics along with feed for 3 meal per day since 15 doc now our culture is 60 doc but still white fecal and loose shell appears.
Participation in Forum on April 27, 2018
Probiotics usage in shrimp culture ponds is fiction or real and probiotic really grow in broad spectrum of water body.
Participation in Forum on May 25, 2016
Dear Christian Lückstädt, sir, can you suggest me only potassium diformate is enough for feed supplement in shrimp culture or mix with some organic acids. and another question is what dosage will give.
Participation in Forum on October 11, 2015
Dear prakash Chandra behera, Can you give detail explain about how ferrous sulfate and ferric chloride work on dinoflagellate blooms
Participation in Forum on October 11, 2015
Sir, What is the best method to control dark green colour water during culture period. About 80-90doc
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October 11, 2015
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