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Yes, this is very crucial to diagnose subclinical mastitis and its causative organism, preventing the infection to get in through teat canal, teat plugging may helpful, but descending infection which comes through body is a major challenge, which can only prevent by hygienic environment, good quality bedding, high level of nutrition especially in dry phase, which is always compromised in small dai ...
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Can we have economic calculation for this type of barn and comparison to other system?
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Very good information did you calculated the economy of this type of barn
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Heat Stress is more visible in Pure bred or HF cross brd bread cows in tropical area, the main problem in during hot and humid time, (June to Sep in India), this can be minimised by 1. high concentrated diet (high energy and protein in less dry matter 2. Most important is feeding mineral and buffer during these days 3. feeding salt as free choice, 4. increase cross ventilation by using high spee ...
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