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Peter Surai (FeedFood, UK; Vitagene and Health Research Centre, UK, among others) presents on Engormix his talk about antioxidants and their use in poultry production.
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Very nice article dr. Pooja
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Very nice presentation by Mr. Deepak khosla sir. Congrats
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“With rapid growth rate, metabolic muscle myopathies have developed”.Broiler production in the world is more efficient and cost-effective now than 20 years ago because of advances in genetic selection and on-farm housing/environmental and nutritional management. High yielding, fast growing feed-efficient broilers are beneficial to help meeting the growing demands for poultry product.Wi ...
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Diego Martínez Patiño-Patroni (Ilender Corp.) discussed a recent research on the effect of the use of this enzyme on gut health, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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