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Participation in Forum on November 27, 2020
Otavio Serino Castro Thank you. I appreciate it when an author makes a thoughtful reply to my posts.
Paul Roberts likes the comment:
Dear Paul, thank you for your comment. This specific trial targeted young stage animals, and to demonstrate scientifically the effects of the yeast functional protein in the gut health, when formulating with increased plant proteins. I do agree that running a full cycle trial would amplify the negative impacts from gut inflammation and reduced digestibility of amino acids. In our approach, the lab ...
Participation in Forum on November 24, 2020
If you want to "prove" a feed formulation; run it for a full life cycle. Another way to test is a "feed all they will eat" until they "break" meaning that a minor formulation failure get multiplied until the fish get sick.
Participation in Forum on November 1, 2020
Does Spirulina's pigmentation affect the color of the fish flesh? Alfalfa turns trout flesh a not very appetizing yellow. Astazantine is what makes red fleshed fish flesh not chlorophyll.
Participation in Forum on September 28, 2020
The basic equation of aquaculture is: conversion of cheap protein to a higher value protein. No new protein is created and conversion of indigestible plant (for humans) protein to human digestible protein is at best inefficient because plant protein is often encased in cellulose cell walls and/or associated with anti-nutritional factors (notably in soybean).
Participation in Forum on April 21, 2020
What is the amino acid analysis of the ingredients and the prepared diets? How much of the seed waste is available in the market place and at what cost? If there is a limited amount of the ingredient why use it, if it may not be available?
Participation in Forum on March 25, 2020
Well written article with good statistics and annotations. The diets used would not work with Trout or Salmon. The main point I found was that Aquafat-O was a better lipid source than Corn Oil, which it replaced in the diets. The content of Aquafat-O does not contribute any of the Essential fatty acids, only a better energy source than Corn Oil. What is the source of the source of the components ...
Participation in Forum on August 14, 2019
For follow up studies do the following; 1) Repeat, but have one Control pond empty of fish and report the water quality changes. 2) Run testing a longer period, for at least a year. This will act as an evaluation of the depletion rate of the absorption capacity for pH and minerals. 3) Frequent water testing both on incoming and pond water. 4) Do a cost analysis. See if this would be a profitable ...
Participation in Forum on June 26, 2017
Many years ago we put Channel Catfish into a clear water earthen trout raceway. As the temperature was near the lower end of the growth temperature range we tried feeding them. They ate, but eventually had "sunburn" like patches on the dorsal area. Remembering that similar conditions occurred in trout were caused by BIOTIN deficiency. The next batch of feed was ordered with a double amount of ...
Paul Roberts likes the comment:
Dear Participants, Appreciate yours valid points and highlighting pertinent concerns. Dear Gary, yes I have also seen several experienced nutritionists does this mistake in feed designing based upon focusing only on isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets. Protein/energy ratio apart, FM replacement studies also differ between the concept of Protein replacement vs ingredient replacement. Neverthe ...
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