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Introduction Fowl cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. This species is named “multocida”, which may be interpreted as a bacterium that "kills" (cida) "many" (multo). In 1879, Pasteur was able to cultivate this bacterium; this was the first time that disease-causing bacteria were grown in culture media, outside the animal host. Pasteur inadver ...
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H9N2 strains are endemic in the Middle East with new claids developing every 3-4 years. The new H5N8 introduction to the region is very new and not sure we can predict any interactions between the two.
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The H5N8 is moving around Europe, they found as well in Israel. What connection will have with the H9N2? Can the birds effectively carried different strain and what makes it more prevalence in the population?Thanks.
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