Article published the February 23, 2015
BACKGROUND  Influenza viruses belong to the family Orthomyxoviridae and they affect a wide variety of animal species, man and even marine mammals.  The nomenclature of influenza viruses is subtyped based on the surface glycoproteins antigens, Haemagglutin (H) and Neuraminidase (N) where there are 16 subtypes of H and 9 subtypes of N. Most combinations of these subtypes have been identif ...
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Article published the November 4, 2014
BACKGROUND In the genus Salmonella (Family Enterobacteriaceae) there are over 2,500 serovars. In this paper we are not dealing with the two avian host specific salmonella nonmotile serovars, S. Pullorum (Pullorum disease) and S. Gallinarum (Fowl typhoid) which are both considered to be exotic to Australian commercial poultry. Similarly not the human specific salmonella called Salmonella Typhi the ...
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