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I would like to know what cells were used for the TEER assay? Were these chicken cells or Caco-2 cells?
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This video is factually incorrect. Methionine is an essential amino acid, meaning that in higher animals it cannot be synthesised; it must be consumed within the diet. Plants and micro-organisms can synthesise methionine. Whenever a properly designed and conducted comparison trial is conducted, the equivalence of these herbal products is invariably around 3%. In other words, they are NOT effecti ...
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The chicken is a useful animal model for biological research and can be used to produce biopharmaceutical products that cannot be produced in mammalian bioreactor systems. Chicken meat and eggs derived from 70 billion chickens yearly are an important source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals in the global economy. The ability to precisely edit the chicken genome to introduce or test ge ...
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Dr. Christopher Hettiarachchi, thanks for elaborating on trial design. The application of probiotics in the drinking water is a promising concept. I wonder if you have made any thoughts on dosage; maybe a dose response trial? Bacillus products are usually added with 10^6 per gram feed. Another important issue is also if the addition of the probiotic product creates slime inside the water tubes. In ...
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