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Malik Yahia Ali If it's possible for you to isolate the fungus or bacteria that's causing the mastitis, it might be possible to treat the problem with an antibiotic that has a history of killing that type of pathogen. Certain types of pathogens that become very well established in the udder over a long period of time and cause chronic mastitis may become almost impossible to eradicate and they ...
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If you have access to whole sunflower seeds with the shells on at a reasonable price you can get excellent results increasing milk components and no health side effects to worry about for the cow. I use to feed about two pounds per day per cow with milk production averaging over 60 pounds a day or higher. The shell of the sunflower seeds were a great source of fibre as well.
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Laurie Chambers from Udder Comfort, speaks about mastitis, its consequences and the importance of udder health programs at Mercolactea 2014, Argentina.
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