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I am responsible for improving Management system including; GMP and GHP in dairy cows farms leading to improve dairy management and milk quality using all quality methods and techniques
Dr. Ahmed Khalil
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The single most issue being faced by the livestock farmer is a higher cost of production than the return from the product. The writer has rightly shown the proper and sustainable way to be cost effective I'm already using formulation based on urea reducing the cost of the feed on my 900 Sahiwal cows successfully. I'm of the opinion to continue this research towards cost effective inputs to make li ...
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In the design of the experiment, it is observed that the author does not keep any control group, only compared levels urea inclusions with Silvafeed. The basal diet, i.e, grass portion was chopped pasture but didn't mention the type of pasture. However, the results of the work may be helpful to the farmers.
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I hope I could attend such international Congress
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Registration and recording system should be developed for cows and a national plan must be developed including import highly genetic breed adapted for your environment with AI for native breed or embryo transfer providing sufficient facilities and training for both. A rigid system of hygiene and diseases control should be take in a count from national authority applied allover the country. new tec ...
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