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It may be due to as the best of knowledge to the improvement in the gut health as coccids negatively affected the gut health and integrity and thus vaccination as protection for coccids infection either of subclinical or clinical level can improve gut health and thus digestibility and absorbability as well.
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Damer Blake (Royal Veterinary College) talked about the benefit of additional antigens in the development of vaccines using Eimeria as a vector, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Dr. Beny Perelman 1. Massachusetts Not Manchester2. Var ll strain was controlled perfectly with vaccines from group 793B + Mass type in layer pullets and heavy pullets in Israel (Against the "False Layer" manifestation). The protectotype concept works very well. Later in age Var ll was added to heavy pullets to confer more specific immunity to the flock (for the production period).3. The Var ll va ...
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I appreciate the offer to send the information I request to my address, however, I think it is important that you share it in this discussion forum, mainly because you recommend a vaccine to solve a problem of interest not only for one person.
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Mustafa Ezat I appreciate your fast response.With a small flock, say 10,000 birds, with 80% protection, 8,000 birds would be protected and 2000 partially or unprotected, provided adequate vaccination coverage is achieved.These 2000 birds would be leading to the generation of new antigenic variants, this is the risk of not using homologous strains.
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia MartínezHi SocorroIB viruses have a natural tendency for changing, especially in the S1 region.There is no need for using different variants of IB viruses to get the mutations.During many many years, all the world used the H-120 IB classic strain to vaccinate. Despite it, many different and new variants developed such as the 793B, QX, IB-Var2 (Israel).Some of thes ...
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