News published on April 2, 2020
In Senegal, groundnut and maize are commonly contaminated with highly toxic, cancer-causing chemicals called aflatoxins, which are produced by fungi in the genus Aspergillus when they infect crops. The main aflatoxin-producing species is A. flavus. This contamination typically occurs before harvest and can worsen depending on storage conditions. Consumption of these crops when containing high afla ...
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Article published the September 20, 2018
Introduction Maize is an important staple food in most countries in Africa including West Africa (Shiferaw et al., 2011) where infants being weaned off mothers’ milk rely mostly on maize flour for nutrition. Maize is often invaded by Aspergillus fungal species before and after harvest and in storage. Aspergillus species are commonly found in the soil, which acts as source of primary inoculu ...
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