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Shady A. Khalil , I do highly agree with you. Thanks
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I really surprised about how do Herbal methionine can replace DL-Met by 50%. We analyzed herbal methionine and there was no methionine at all. We did dose response trial on herbal methionine and even no 0.00001% improvement in broiler performance. Please be concise and scientific as possible. The only way to evaluate your product is ( dose response trial compared to DL-Met supplementation). ...
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How the full article can be obtained?
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Poor uniformity flock is one of the main reasons for the appearance of prolapsed cloaca and uterus during egg production. Flocks that during education does not grow evenly during production can have more than 10% deaths per month due to prolapse. To minimize the consequences of the necessary rearing period : 1. First make a detailed disposing of chickens, from production to extract ...
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