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IntroductionSupplemental lipids are commonly included in diets for ruminants (Doreau and Ferlay 1994). These lipids are components of feedstuffs or through the addition of specific lipid additives (Loften et al. 2014). Most commonly, these lipid additives are used to increase the energy density of the diet (Hess et al. 2008), but can also be used to modulate the fatty acid (FA) comp ...
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It seems useful. Before tried is difficult to say exactly.
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It is well known to us that methionine and lysine are the two most limiting amino acids in the ration dairy animals. Rumen microbial protein is the best source of these two amino acids. In fact, the level of lysine and methionine content of the microbial protein is very similar to that of milk protein.Enhanced rumen microbial output by way of using various feed additives, including the proper stra ...
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If you feed unprotected lysine and methionine, it will be quickly degraded to ammonia in the rumen. It is better to feed rumen protected lysine and methionine.Or else, supplement live yeast that would help enhancing rumen microbial growth which in turn would supply all essential amino acids to the host animal, including lysine and methionine.
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