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A D3 E C is found to be reasonably effective. Regarding antibiotic tetracycline group is good, but not sure of quality of chicks then go for antibiotic combination which acts on G-ve bacteria, E.coli and Salmonella in particular. Colistin, Flumequine, Neomycin along with broad spectrum antibiotic. If quality of chicks is ok and farming condition is favourable probiotics works well. Probiotic can ...
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With usage of probiotic , Acidifiers and proteases certain extent ammonia can be minimised. On litter HSCAS can be used. selection methanogenic bacteria will further alleviate the ammonia formation and
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undoubtedly it's a dreaded disease takes heavy toll and hit hard the production and the layers and breeders can be silent producer. I do believe the vaccine used way back on 14 day may not give a decent protection. For this same sake the vaccine after an interval of 4 week upto 14 weeks need to be practiced.
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