Rene Cibrian
Agriculture mechanic Engineer
Designer & engineering new feed mills, installing new production lines, as well endure the existing one. Feeding the world, thru the feed mill technology, enhancing the food safety.
Agriculture mechanic Engineer
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Dear Rene Cibrian.Thank you for your comment. We will try later.
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Introduction Feed pelleting can be defined as conversion of finely ground mash feed into dense, free flowing pellets or capsules, in a process involves steam injection (moisture & heat) and mechanical pressure. There are several advantages for feeding broilers on pelleted rather than mash feed. The main advantage is the improved bird performance (improved feed intake, weight gain and feed co ...
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Dear Denizzo,To produce aquatic feed pellet requires to activate all gelatinization as possible and might have to add some binder to keep pellets in good shape under the water.The standard requirements are: Get less than 300 microns particle size from post grinder, use at least +90 seconds retention time at conditioner (output would be up 80°C), then increase the die compression at least ...
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Dear Mr. Ambalkar. I suggest you support your claim by analyzing your product in terms of % cooking or how any % gelatinize. Then in your dryer what is your source of heat?
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Dear Sir Regarding to use no steam at all at pellet process, it's feasible, however it's also a fact the power consumption it's increased without steam. To rise such amount of mash temperature (65-75° C), require about 35-50 kgs steam @ 1.7 bar 2720 kJ/kg in order the produce the enthalpy, this is because the gelatinization it's given after steam energy transfer (enthalpy) to the mash previously ...
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Extruder line at Nairobi, Kenya
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