Article published the August 20, 2021
Introduction The poultry industry in Nigeria is an essential subsector of agriculture that provides food, employment, and other economic resources for the country (Ezekiel et al. 2012a). Livestock production can be threatened when feeds are contaminated by fungi and their toxic metabolites. Several mycotoxins, including aflatoxins (AFs), cyclopiazonic acid (CPA ), fumonisins (FUMs ), nivalenol (N ...
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Article published the March 16, 2021
1. Introduction Up to 80% of food items of plant origin worldwide are estimated to be contaminated with mycotoxins, toxic secondary metabolites of fungi, at levels above the limit of detection (LOD) [1]. Mycotoxins threaten the health and productivity of humans and domesticated animals through dietary exposure at both acute and sub-acute contamination levels in the diet [2,3]. Many countries regu ...
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Article published the February 22, 2018
Introduction Over the last decade, the increasing attention paid to safety aspects has affected cereal supply chains: the lack of adequate sanitary parameters pertaining to the presence of contaminants is actually the first cause of the decrease in the market value of cereal commodities (Pinotti and Dell’Orto, 2011). Mycotoxins and other fungal metabolites represent the most insidious safet ...
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