Erick Mohapi
Animal Health Consultant/ Technical Sales Advisor
My core services focus on sales and distribution of veterinary diagnostic tools, and also technical support services but are not limited to.
Animal Health Consultant/ Technical Sales Advisor
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Qatar,Tanzania and Ukraine are the new destinations for Agrovet Market’s pharmaceutical products  Following its strategic plan for global consolidation, Agrovet Market Animal Health, Peruvian laboratory leader in manufacture, commercialization and exportation of veterinary products keeps extending its distribution network, in this opportunity in Asia and Africa respectively, by AL ...
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The World Health Organization is recommending that farmers and the food industry stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals. The new WHO recommendations aim to help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics that are important for human medicine by reducing their unnecessary use in animals. In some countries, approximately 80% of total consumption o ...
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Intestinal parasites (worms) are very common in chickens in the backyard type poultry flocks. The presence of a few parasites does not usually cause a problem. However, large numbers can have a devastating effect on growth, egg production, and overall health. The concentration of parasite eggs in the chickens environment is one factor which plays a major role in determining the severity of the inf ...
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Insightful..... Lots of vets and paravets still need to be re-educated on the subject as many seems to lack a lot. What we see on the field and practice facilities cannot be equated to the level of professionalism.
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The animal feed additives market size, worth USD 16.11 billion in 2014, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7 % over the period of 2015-2022. Rise in meat consumption of livestock such as poultry, cattle, and swine as a protein source is expected to boost the global industry trends over the coming years. Animal feed additives such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids enhance me ...
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I once recommended a product to one of my clients and it amazed us to such an extend that the client has refused to consider other products.
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