Coffeyville, Kansas, United States

Thermo Pro: Heat processing for animal feed


THERMO-PRO is a modern technology that makes heat processing of a variety of free-flowing materials simple, practical and profitable.

Natural gas, propane, diesel fuel, solid or alternative fuels, in an efficient burner super -heats air which passes through the exclusive fluid bed JET FLOOR of the product chamber. The product is gently floated and turned in a fluid bath of hot air without contact to flame, while its retention is positively controlled by a variable speed internal flow system. The fluidized bed of product is gently, thoroughly, and evenly heated to a consistent and uniform finish. Product depth is controlled via a variable speed rotating inlet feeder.

There are no over-cooked or under-cooked results when the accurate temperature control system is employed. The high velocity air stream creates proper turbulence in the product which is simultaneously removes light foreign material and dust that is directed to the cyclone collector. The product is discharged through a rotating discharge Air Lock to avoid heat loss.

Thermal Treatment- Products


Toasting: Soybean, Corn, Sorghum, wheat, Rice, Oat, Peas, Beans, Sesame, Cereals, etc.

Drying: (Sterilization and Sanitization): Eggshells, Extruded Products and Pellet, Cereals, Organic Wastes, Grape, Seeds, Bird Seeds, Flour, Mash, Tapioca, Mud & Slime and much more....

The E.S.E. Thermo Processor incorporates five flexible and important parameters of operation:

Variable operating temperatures

Variable retention time

Variable depth of the product

Adjustable air flow

Variable speed infeed system