E.S.E. manufactures feed processing equipment

E.S.E. & INTEC - United States of America

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July 18, 2022 to July 20, 2022
Bangkok, Thailand
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Engineered Systems & Equipment Inc. "E.S.E.", headquartered in Caney, Kansas, in the United States, is a company engaged in the design, engineering, manufacturing and remanufacture of specialized processing equipment and systems and complete plants for feeds, foods, grain, soya, cereals, ingredients, by-products, waste recovery, and recently, also for vegetable protein and other low cost human foods.

The historic international markets of the company are in Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. However, E.S.E is now exporting equipment, systems, and complete plants to more than 40 countries around the world. The Company has successfully developed strong markets in Western Europe, and is now actively developing new markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Mid-East, and Africa.

Further, E.S.E. has developed a significant product line of specialized process equipment related to the texturizing / pulverizing, siftening forming, screening, heat treatment, conditioning, extrusion / expansion and cooking, pelleting, coating, drying, sterilizing, toasting / dry-cooking, forming, bagging, etc. Any of these products are sold individually, or as a part of an E.S.E. designed processing system or complete production plant.

E.S.E.s sister Company, "INTEC", provides customers worldwide the newest and exclusive Processing and Nutrition Technologies, as well as, specialized Products, Additives, Binders and Attractants. E.S.E. has positioned itself to explore such opportunities and respond to the challenge, by offering unequaled integrated technology and services, applicable to support its customers anywhere in the world.

ESE is well suited to take a project from conceptualization all the way through implementation. ESE offers innovative and
creative services:
· Exclusive Commitment
· Top Quality Equipment
· World Market Leadership
· Over 2000 References
· Unrivaled Expertise
· Continuous R&D
· Patented Products
· Worldwide Services

At present no other company offers internally the complete integrated concept of: - Project Development - Engineering - Design -Equipment - System - Plant -Technical Assistance - Installation -Process and Nutrition Technologies -Service - Operation - Support

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