Coffeyville, Kansas, United States

Disc Coater for applying fats to pelleted or extruded products


• Improved product quality
• Highest absorbability at any temperature or product condition
• Controlled, accurate and uniform application to a wide range and size of products
• Reduced product damage or breakage
• No nozzles to plug
• Accepts lower quality fats or oils
• Eliminates fat-laden built-up
• Minimum downtime and maintenance
• Dependable and trouble free

The ESE Disc-coater is the most dependable and efficient system available in the world today for applying fats or other liquids to pelleted, extruded or granular products.
Fats / Liquids Application Systems

The Disc-Coater is capable of adding 14 fat (product arbsorbability permitting), without any problems, with no nozzles to plug. It is designed to spread an even circular curtain of pellets or granules around the fat or liquid being spun from the center by means of high-speed or roting disc. The Rotation Disc discharges the fat or liquid with a driving mist-like affect from the rim of the disc. Any liquid with suspended impurities that will pass through the half inch supply pipe will be spread evenly on the product being coated.
The optional control panel monitors the percentage of liquid application, the heated, jacket prevents buildup of fats in cold climates the Disc-Coater will operate effectively in unheated enviroments even subfreezing temperatures.
Optional automatic controls enable the machine to stop or start without manual attention. An automatic safety device halts the flow of either granules or liquid, should the flow of either cease. The Disc-Coater is a self-contained unit requiring little space, easy to install and can be incorporated to most systems.

Commercial information

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