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What is the output of the feed pellet machine?

Because of its high density, large capacity and good palatability, the feed pellet machine is very popular among farmers and feed processing manufacturers. The production volume and mechanical performance of the pellet machine are closely related to the production efficiency. In actual operation, many farmers use pellets because of low production, high wear and tear, and frequent replacement of parts. In terms of factors that restrict the yield of pellets, please explain: 1. If the machine is selected during the purchase of the pellet machine, there will be problems in the selection of the model, which will waste your time and increase your purchase cost. Therefore, the flat mold feed pellet machine is economically efficient. It has strong applicability, small footprint, convenient and quick operation, etc. It is suitable for small and medium-sized farms. 2. Maintenance of the mold (grinding disc) The mold is the core component of the pellet machine, and its quality directly affects the output of the pelletizing and discharging. Therefore, when purchasing the pellet machine, it is necessary to look at the marking in the mold, and the original part must be used or The quality standard mold has strict requirements on material, hardness and compression ratio. Before use, the mold is reasonably, meticulously and fully ground. After 30 minutes, you can directly feed the production without stopping the machine. 3. Machine performance configuration The small feed pellet machine can be made into materials if it has a certain area, manual feeding, and natural drying. Large-scale complete feed pellet machine equipment needs to consider the relevant configuration in the machine performance operation, such as crushing, stirring, iron removal device, mechanical feeding, electronic control granular material ratio, mixing, cooling, dust removal and other equipment processes are different or not Lack, so pay attention to the relevant configuration and ratio of machine performance to symptomatic treatment, effectively improve the output of feed pellet machine. 4. Machine operation schedule The first use of mechanized feed pellets by farmers is to capture production and extend working hours. The second is to increase feeding costs. The high-load work of the personnel, the fatigue phenomenon is serious, the machine does not stop the shaft rotation for 24 hours, the machine can not get timely maintenance and maintenance...... These problems seem to be irrelevant, if not handled properly, sooner or later will bring significant losses to the production. In summary, it can effectively solve the problem of equipment production and after-sales service in the first line. If you want efficient production, it should be analyzed according to the specific problems of raw materials and equipment.

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