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What is the difference between the flat die and the ring die?

What is the difference between the flat die and the ring die? 1. Feeding mode The flat die granule machine enters the pressing chamber vertically by the weight of the material itself, and can be uniformly fed. The ring die granule machine adopts forced feeding, high-speed rotary centrifugal distribution into the granulating chamber, and distributes the material through the scraper. Uneven material 2. The pressure is in the mold of the same diameter. The diameter of the flat-die pressure roller is not limited by the diameter of the mold. It can increase the space of the inner bearing. The large bearing is used to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure roller, which not only improves the pressing force of the pressure roller. Moreover, the service life is also prolonged; the diameter of the ring die wheel is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so the pressure is limited; 3. Discharge method The flat mold feed pellet machine belongs to low rotation speed and has low breakage rate; the ring mold pellet machine belongs to high rotation speed, and the damage rate is high when the material is discharged; 4. Pressure roller adjustment mode The flat die granule machine adopts the screw thread column m100 center adjustment mechanism, the top force is 100 tons, the drop is stable, the touch is soft, the pressure is uniform, and the rotary manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment can be adopted; the ring die granule machine It is necessary to use two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure roller to adjust the pressure; it can be concluded that for materials such as wood chips and straw, the coarse fiber which is difficult to form is preferably a flat die machine.

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