Non-Conventional Feeds and Agro Industrial By Products: Their Scope and Future Demand for Livestock Production

Published on: 06/09/2014
Author/s : Dr. Umesh Sontakke, Vishnu Kale, Bisitha Bose and Muneendra Kumar (Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division National Dairy Research Institute)

Introduction India is basically an agricultural country and about 70 per cent of its people live in villages. Their livelihood is dependent mainly on agriculture and animal husbandry. Though India has a huge livestock population of over 343 millions, besides poultry, yet the production of per animal milk and other livestock products is about the lowest in the world. It is evident that we are highl...

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June 10, 2014
India is having only 2.29% of worlds land but 17% of world’s human population and 11% of world’s livestock population. India possesses 529.7 million livestock and 648.8 million poultry birds (Livestock census, 2007). Fast growing human and livestock population, expanding urbanization, shrinking land for crop production and climate change all adds to challenges to ensuring the food and livestock security. Production of Agricultural Crops has been growing at a rate 1.5-2% per annum. Contribution of livestock to agricultural GDP is 24-26% and 4% in total GDP. Despite of number one position in milk production in the world, our milk productivity per animal is lowest i.e. 6.87, 2.14, 4.57 kg/ day in cross breed cattle, indigenous cattle and buffaloes respectively. Main reason behind this is shortage of feeds and fodder, imbalanced feeding although genetic potential is there in animal. So there is need to find out alternative feed resources to fill the gap between demand and supply of nutrient to animal.
There is huge hidden potential in Indian livestock. We need to exploit it by decreasing non productive animal population, increasing animal production by balanced feeding and cross breeding simultaneously conserving pure germ line of our livestock. National Dairy Development Board, Anand is working on these areas by increasing awareness and helping farmer in balanced feeding of animal, improving the genetically potential of animal and also different national institutes are working on above highlighted issues.
siddiqui mohd. basir ahmed siddiqui mohd. basir ahmed
June 19, 2014
Dr.Sontakke,very good article in the present context as we have to explore the alternative feed resources to feed our ever growing animal population.keep it up and explore the new areas---- Dr.MBA SIDDIQUI,BVC,MUMBAI
July 1, 2014
Re: Non-Conventional Feeds and Agro Industrial By Products: Their Scope and Future Demand for Livestock Production
07/01/2014. Dr Sontakke, I must admit the fact that this article has been published at the right time where there exist a competitive demand for the conventional livestock feed ingredients by humans and industries. Hence, this may contribute to solving the problem of short supply of feedstuffs for the livestock industry. KEEP IT UP SIR! --------- ALBERT KANU, CROSS RIVER STATE, NIGERIA
Avr Kumar Avr Kumar
July 18, 2014
India farmers has to be encouraged by effective extension techniques in usage of these non conventional substitutes but these are to be supported by the quantification i.e amount of material can safely used/animals & need integration of research work in these lines of safety levels & toxic effects & remedies of toxicity so as to handle overgrazed/overfed
Ananda Ananda
August 21, 2014

Please let me know the addresses of the dairies which use single cell protein and spirulina.

Ananda,organic farmer, karnataka

Ananda Ananda
August 21, 2014
In the net we could also find articles about chlorella. But as farmer we don,t know how to grow and utilise them . please guide
Avr Kumar Avr Kumar
August 22, 2014
Pl contact NIANP in your city
June 29, 2015
Natural pasture that is estimated to contribute to
80–90% of livestock feeds and whose quality is
seasonally variable is the main source of feed in
arid and semi-arid pastoral areas, while crop
residues contribute up to 50% of the feed supply in
mixed-farming system. Grazing lands are steadily
shrinking by conversion to arable lands, and
natural pastures are also restricted to areas that
are marginal and have little farming potential. The
reduction in natural pasture has led to
overutilization and domination by undesirable
forage species resulting in partial dependence on
crop residues by most ruminants, which has
reduced livestock productivity. The increasing
human demands for several foods (i.e. olive oil,
vegetables, wine, fruit juices, etc.) led to a
considerable increase of lands occupied by crops
producing these feeds. Consequently, huge
amounts of agro-industrial by-products are
available in numerous developing countries (e.g.
molasses, olive cake, winery marc, etc.), which are
still not fully utilized in livestock feeding. Most of
these AIBPs are low in main nutrients. Moreover,
the difficulty of the use of these feed sources as
fresh material for extended periods and the lack of
efficient ways for their integration in feeding
calendars may account for their under-utilization.
hossein hossein
Animal Nutritionist
July 3, 2015
I n my openion, Non-Conventional Feeds and Agro Industrial By Products have key roles in iran because in my country we have shortage of feeds and water supply for planting new forage resources. The nutritive value of most of Non-Conventional Feeds and Agro Industrial By Products in Iran determined.
the most problem for use of is gathering an pelleting of them as TMR diet.
August 27, 2021
Great article Sontakke sir :))
Helped me to alot to complete an assignment.

Rounak Singh
BVSc AH student at Ranchi Veterinary College
September 27, 2021
Am a student of ladoke Akin told University of technology Ogbomosho oyo state Nigeria, please i want a project write up on Challenges and Prospect of non conventional feed resources
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