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Methionine mixed with hot water in the mixer

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This is an interesting forum from our Spanish community, generated by Joel Gonzalez Jimenez from Chile:

Today we add water, salt zap methionine and separate the process of mixing of food formulas.
Would it be correct to add these products mixed at a temperature no more than 50 degrees??

What do you think??

María Giovanardi
María Giovanardi
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May 12, 2010
using water in feed hot or cold could lead to problem of moulds in the feed.I tis therefore must to add mold-inhibitor in the feed mix
dr chandra
Shengliqi Shengliqi
Animal Nutritionist
May 15, 2010
Hot water will decrease the availability of vitamins,it is better not to use hot water!
August 7, 2010
Naturally, methionine is acidic in nature. You are adding hot water to methionine in the mixer. But, practically speaking, have you ever checked the DCAD of water that you are adding? If the water has high levels of salts it may neutralize the things with methionine and whole practice would be futile. As well in our experience and knowledge, methionine is added to poultry rations @ 1-2 kg/MT depending on the methionine levels available in the feed ingredients. Moreover, some acidifiers are also added for checking microbial contamination and as a gut enhancers. Also, trace elements as well DCP or TCP is also added as a source of Ca and P. All this mixed together in dry form do not hamper to that extent towards neutralization. But when water is added, whether it is hot or cold, it will definitely exert its pressure on DCAD of the whole feed and ultimately in animal body.
Second issue might rise that, on addition of hot water at a temp of 50 degree C, how much time you are giving to dry up the feed and for how many days the feed storage is done before it is consumed by the particular specied for which it is intended? If cooling is not allowed and the moisture content of feed is high, it will definitely hamper the quality of feed through the development of mycotoxin production. This condition for sure will compromise the perfomance of the target animal.
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