Effect of NDF digestibility on Diet Formulation and Animal Performance

Published on: 08/12/2018
Author/s : Charles J. Sniffen / Fencrest, LLC PO Box 153, 949 US Rte 3, Holderness, NH 03245, USA.

IntroductionThe work of Dr. Mike Allen, Michigan State in the late 80’s, measuring NDF digestibility of different corn silage hybrids, initially resulted in much controversy. There was much resistance to the concept that differences in fiber digestibility in corn silage could have an impact on animal performance. He proceeded to do studies with BMR hybrids as well as with conventional hybrid...

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August 12, 2018

If we allow Soy Hulls in our TMR should we be able to put a ration together with more dNDF
and possibly move our B F up. Is there any source of Rumen Protected Histidine commercially?

Charles Sniffen Charles Sniffen
Animal Nutritionist
August 13, 2018
Lorenzo Quesnel

This will supply more fermentable fiber and potentially more acetate and butyrate to stimulate more de-novo FA synthesis which will, everything else being equal, higher milk fat
August 15, 2018

Charles Sniffen
Do you have a preference of Soy Bypass, aka Soy Plus etc.?

October 31, 2018

Charles Sniffen When buying Protected Methionine could Alimet compete w/ Smartamine head to
head or is there a higher Alimet inclusion rate needed? Is there a maximum amount of high quality RP Methionine before you plateau component values? Could unprotected Methionine and Histidine in calf milk be of value for calf health and growth? I`m thinking of injecting cows carrying
Heifer calves and all prefresh Heifers, as well as any milking cow > 120 DIM and open w/ 2 cc MuSe and 5 cc Multimin 90, The cost $3.30 per cow, is there potential to mitigate edema and/or placenta retains or possibly support neonatal calf health with this practice? In the milk cows I`m
expecting to enhance % pregnant w/ this injection process.

Please attempt to keep me thinking straight about this. Thanks from Addison County (VT).

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