Patented multi-cavity technology to achieve differential crushing effect

Published on: 1/9/2018
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The demand of raw materials processing for crushing is increasingly harsh
With the modernization and scale development of industries including feed, protein feed, alcohol, biomass, enterprises’ requirements for raw material processing equipment have become more and more strict, even formulate a series of harsh standard to the key performance indicators of hammer mill, especially on crushing efficiency, crushing effect and stability, which can create value for customers and bring more economic benefits.

High efficiency crushing production line, to create differential competitive advantage for customers

Recently, a corn crushing production line constructed by ZHENG CHANG for a domestic corn deep processing enterprise entered the commissioning phase. The average output reached 25t/h with 1.5 mesh and corn with high moisture of 16--18%, greatly exceeding the requirements of 18t/h in the contract, which have been highly recognized by customers. The unit capacity of grinder with 1.5 mesh for corn with high moisture is1t/10kw, which reached the leading level in China.

The corn crushing project uses ZHENG CHANG champion hammer mill, patented multi-cavity technology with crushing efficiency increased by 30%.

SFSP138×75F champion hammer mill

Since its establishment, the corn deep-processing enterprise has cooperated with ZHENG CAHNG several times. According to the demand, from design to equipment selection, debugging and production, we are committed to achieve the optimal effect. ZHENG CHANG patented multi-cavity hammer mill is widely used in feed, protein feed, alcohol, biomass, etc. Enterprises like Shuanghui and Zhongliang have brought in ZHENG CHANG products, which greatly save the labor costs, improved production efficiency and formed a differentiated competitive advantage.

Leading production capacity with the same power consumption in China by using advanced multi-cavity technology to solve material stacking problem. Different kinds of professional hammer mill specialized in crushing shrimp, animal protein, alcohol tank, cassava, pasture, sawdust, biomass energy, etc.

High output, low energy consumption
The upgraded F series hammer mill, production output is improved by 30%, higher than the domestic same power type.

Advanced structure and stable operation
The multi-cavity design makes the wear of the hammer and screen mesh more uniform and improves the service life of wearing parts.

The feeder can remove the impurities such as stone and metal in the raw material, to improve the quality of feed and prolong the service life of equipment.


Humanized operation, full automatic operation
The feeding volume can be adjusted automatically to ensure the full load operation of hammer mill and to improve the efficiency.

The system can be equipped with rotating shaft and temperature detection system, to realize automatic warning alarm and shutdown with fault.

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