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Mineral Glycine Chelates

Published on: 6/12/2012
Author/s : Priya
L-GLYCINE  is used as a ligand to form the chelate. 
Glycine has the lowest molecular weight with a high bonding capacity to the mineral. 
Glycine has a specific site of absorption (active and passive)  in the intestine compared to Methionine, Cystine etc. 
Reaction between Glycine and mineral is complete to yield a specific mineral chelate. As glycine is the smallest of all Amino Acids Mineral Glycine complex is the smallest complex based on amino acids e.g. Zinc Glycinate has a mol. wt of 290.5 daltons. 
Glycine chelates are completely soluble in water (Except Iron). It makes suitable for all type of feeds especially in the liquid feeding system e.g. milk replacers. 
Glycine chelates form a homogenous dispersion in the intestinal gut inducing optimal absorption. Low pH of Glycine chelates, reduces the sensitivity to the acidic conditions of  digestive tract and the absorption of mineral is improved.
Glycine chelates remains as a chelate until absorbed and does not interact with other  gut constituents. 
Glycine chelates are Non Hazardous and environmentally safe products.
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