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Published: April 21, 2014
By: Kurt A. Rosentrater
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Kurt A. Rosentrater
Iowa State University
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Surinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal
21 de abril de 2014
What is the best way to dry DDGS? Rotary dryer or Ring dryer or sun dry or belt dryer. Please help understand?
Kurt A. Rosentrater
Iowa State University
22 de abril de 2014
In the U.S., most DDGS is produced by rotary dryers, although ring dryers have become more popular in recent years. In the U.S., sun or belt drying is not used.
Surinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal
22 de abril de 2014
Thank you Kurt, In India most of the DDGS is from Grain based distilleries.The Alcohol produced is for human consumption.The grain used is broken rice,sorghum and millets. What intrigues me is that the protein level is above 45% and even goes up 60%. I wonder how they get this much protein. Any guesses?
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