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Use of minerals in Dairy diets. Dr. A. Castillo (University of California-Davis, Cooperative Extension)

Published: July 4, 2011
Dr. Alejandro Castillo, Specialist in animal nutrition and farm adviser from the University of California-Davis, Cooperative Extension, USA, was present at the 3rd Congress of Animal Nutrition (CAENA) in Buenos Aires Argentina and gave a lecture about the use of minerals in dairy diets.
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Dr. Alejandro Castillo
UC Davis - University of California
Muhammad Aadil
15 de julio de 2011
Very informative topic. mineral supplementation both macro and minerals is an important part of animal feeding for a successful dairy farming. i think mineral supplementation is a golden key to successful dairy farming.calcium . phosphorous are important macromineral if the feed is deficient in these minerals the calves may suffer in rickets.and pica. milking anmals may suffer in osteomalacia. PPHb in dairy buffaloes etc coper and zinc provide immunity to animals. copper is also effecive in chronic dirrhea. by mineral supplementation we attain early pubert in heifers specially in Pakistan most of the Pakistani farmers dont care about mineral supplementation.
Drmuhammad Shafique
10 de julio de 2011
Valuable and informative lecture for dairy cattle milk production and in temperate climate like us in Pakistan in Faisalabad city summer is very hot in such a hot weather the need of minerals, vitamins and electrolyte becomes very high. In cross bred Dairy cow the deficiency of such minerals, vitamins and electrolyte leads to many problems like luteal and follicular ovarian cysts, severe heat stress, panting,and reduction in milk yield.
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