Robotic Automation and Its Role in Milk Production

Published on: 4/21/2020
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Those days are long gone when cows were enclosed within a pen to restrain their movement. Now they are set free at the farm until brought inside the milking area. As for the milking of cows is concerned, it is no longer a back-breaking job.

Nowadays, milking is done with the help of robotic automation, without involving humans. This method significantly alleviates the workload of dairy farmers.

Growth in Efficiency

Dairy farms can now grow and scale, to meet an ever increasing demand for milk products globally.

The most popular breed of dairy livestock remains the Holstein Friesian dairy cow. Large dairy farms with many heads of Holstein Friesian dairy cattle are also making the switch to robotic milking. As farm efficiency increases and milk production grows, farmers are now limited by the number of head in their herd.

Thus, the opportunities that robotic milking presents the dairy farmer also extends to suppliers up the line. There is now opportunity for dairy livestock exporters to supply larger numbers of dairy cattle to growing dairy farms.

Changing Trend in Milk Production Scenario

After nearly a decade, the automation trend has finally kicked off. You can see numerous farms switching to robot automation for milking cows. The dairy sector is already proving distinctive by alleviating the physical labor of the aging milk producers.

Not only that, it also encourages the younger generation too by providing them with career opportunities in this sector. Capitalizing on technology allows the farmers to save time and take better care of the cows. It is also true that people tend to get involved in this sector, given the flexibility in the working schedule.

All in all, robotic automation not only alleviates painstaking labor but also enhances the farm profits.


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