Polyherbal therapy: A boon for safe animal food production

Published on: 2/22/2016
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Phytoactive ingredients have synergistic effects when they are mixed in certain ratio from different herbs. This synergistic activity may be many timeshigher than that of individual herbal activity and this is the basis of polyherbal solutions. More than 5000 year old science of Ayurveda and its principles when scrutinized through spectacles of science, amazing results were evident particularly with respect to the food safety concerns. This science of polyherbalism has rock solid foundation of traditional knowledge with capabilities to standardize phytochemicals through modern research. Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine, herbology, herblore, and phytotherapy; involves the use of plants or its parts for therapeutic purpose. Depending on the plant, a number of plant parts may be used as medicine, including the seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark and flowers and when different herbs are combined, a synergy exists inbetween them which increasesthe poency of the combination. With the increasing interest in animal health and wellness, as well as disinterest towards traditional antibiotic therapy due to a number of reasons, alternative systems of veterinary medicines are becoming increasingly popular globally.

Scientific researches in recent years have shown that herbal medicines can be highly effective for many diseases conditions. Herbal therapy is considered safer and effective apart from being easily available. Certain specific reasons why medicinal herbs should be preferred over antibiotics and other allopathic medicines are further explained as a whole.

Synergy : Herbs when combined show synergistic action which increases the potency and efficacy of synergistic herbal ingredients which ultimately increases the therapeutic efficacy of the product as a whole.

No residual effects : Unlike antibiotics the herbal medicines does not show residual effects which is the most crucial part of this alternative system of medicine especially in context to the food safety issues.

Least side effects : The herbal medicines are generally considered to be free from side efects, if any, it may be of very mild nature which will not lead to any serious veterinary problems. On the other hand we are well aware of the side efffects caused by the allopathic drugs.

Multiple medicinal property : Most prescriptive drugs under the conventional system of medicine are designed for one specific health problem. While, many herbal medicines act on several parts of the body at the same time and have multiple effects. A single herb can be efective in a number of disease conditions.

Effectiveness in chronic conditions : Herbal medicines tend to be more effective for chronic disorders that don't respond well to conventional medicine. Most of the times, the herbal preparations are found to be extremely effective to treat the cases which are affecting an animal since long.

Widespread availability : One of the most valuable advantages associated with the herbal medicines are their widespread availability. Herbs are easily available and that too doesn’t require a prescription. In some remote parts of the world, herbs may be the only treatment available for treating a large number of animals.

All these advantages in herbal products have arose the interest of the farmers associated with the animal production business acroos the globe. The demand for alternative replacements is increasing day by day. The more is the uses of herbal ingredients safer will be the food production and lesser will be the health hazards due to the uncontrolled use of antibiotics for higher production. The higher profits have been the prime targets of any farm owner and they find it easier to go for antibiotics to prevent their birds and animals free from infectious diseases and get maximum production. But the long term losses are there and the food safety will be compromised if the alternative systems of medicine are not adopted as soon as possible and the above fact has led the think tanks to focus on the alternative system of medicine.

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