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Modern Nutrition and the Role of Silvafeed® Tannins in Ruminants

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The specialists in ruminant nutrition claim that tannins can provide up to 20% more protein availability to animals with the same diet.


Silvafeed® was introduced at the 11th Encontro de Confinamento Coan, a feedlot meeting that took place from March 8th thru the 9th 2016 in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.


Professor Dr. Rubén Barajas Cruz from the University of Sinaloa, Mexico, spoke about tannins: “A new view of an old concept” (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Marcelo Manella, Director of Animal Nutrition for Silvafeed® Brazil and Professor Dr. Rubén Barajas Cruz, at 11th Encontro de Confinamento Coan, Brazil.


Dr. Barajas released the latest studies carried out on the action of Silvafeed® tannin in ruminant nutrition showing live weight gain improvements that reached 15%, with an increase on carcass weight and 6% improvement of feed conversion. The researcher explained that “The use of Silvafeed® tannin in feedlot diets showed an increase in the amount of amino acids that reached the intestine, which favored the increase of metabolizable protein”.


Dr. Barajas said that Silvafeed® tannin reduced protein degradation in the rumen, protecting the action of bacteria which provides more available protein. He stated that “Silvafeed® tannin has the ability to inhibit some proteolytic enzymes in the rumen, which can help facilitate up to 20% more protein availability for the animal. The product also may modulate rumen fermentation improving rumen pH ”, he added.


The researcher concluded that it is possible to see a decrease in plasma urea nitrogen. This reduction translated to the animal using less energy to convert excess nitrogen in urea to be excreted. Another notable side effect was the reduction of environmental impact due to less greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment, 25% methane reduction was observed when Silvafeed® tannin was used.


Proven effects of Silvafeed® tannins

Silvateam, the Italian family company who is the world leader in the production and marketing of plant extracts, has just launched Silvafeed® ByPro in the Brazilian market.


As a potent natural modulator of ruminal fermentation, Silvafeed® ByPro provides performance improvement of beef cattle. Marcelo Manella, PhD and Director of Animal Nutrition for Silvafeed® Brazil which focuses on ruminant nutrition and ruminant production, and his team introduced Silvafeed® ByPro into the region. “The product is a mixture of plant extracts based on polyphenolic compounds, also known as tannins”, he says (Figure 2).


Manella explains that “Silvafeed® ByPro acts in the selection of beneficial bacteria in the rumen function, providing better standard fermentation and controlling rumen pH, thus reducing the risk of acidosis. This effect is primarily due to the tannin presence and the strong bactericidal or bacteriostatic effects. In addition to ruminal modulation, ByPro allows greater efficiency in protein metabolism, improving microbial efficiency and allowing higher protein by-pass. All of which leads to increased metabolizable protein flow for intestinal absorption. These interactions provide higher milk production and weight gain”, adds Manella.


Figure 2: Silvafeed team in Brazil on ruminants nutrition at Ribeirão Preto conference: Germano Melo (on the left), Marcelo Manella and Ulissis Zancanella.


Reduction of environmental impacts

The improvement in productivity is not the only benefit of Silvafeed® ByPro. “The product has gained interest for its potential to reduce environmental impacts of livestock production”, said Manella. “Reduction of methane can be up to 35%, and the ammonia emission reduction from the manure around 15%.


This is all a reflection of its positive action in the rumen”, he says. According to Manella, tannin is the only additive to be incorporated into the animal application model in the US, the beef cattle NRC in particular, due to the reduction of methane. This reduction of methane also allows improved energy efficiency in ruminants.


Consistent results

The positive effects of Silvafeed® ByPro have been studied and tested in universities and research centers in several countries worldwide. The consistency of results in health and animal production of the product has been studied at the following American Universities: The University of California at Davis, Texas Tech University, Texas A & M University and The University of Wisconsin at Madison. In Europe research has been performed at: INRA in France and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza, Italy. In Latin America: INTA Argentina and University of Sinaloa in Mexico. In Canada: Lethbridge Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food. In addition, Universities in China, Belgium, Germany, Japan, among others, have also conducted research of the product.   In general, the results demonstrated better efficiency in protein metabolism and feed efficiency in beef cattle.


Antibiotic free

According to Manella, “Silvafeed® ByPro is a product with extensive databases, and scientific proven consistency. ByPro will bring a big positive impact on cattle production in Brazil, especially because it is a completely natural product and consequently antibiotic free”.


How does Silvafeed® ByPro act?

Silvafeed® ByPro has a good palatability and its mechanism of action occurs in two ways. The first is the selection of bacteria in the rumen, modulating rumen fermentation and improving energy efficiency. The second is the control of degradation of excess ruminal protein, improving efficiency of rumen bacteria and increasing the passage of vegetable protein into the gut. The association of these effects allows a significant increase in milk production and weight gain.


Silvafeed® ByPro has shown excellent results also in several studies as an alternative to antibiotics growth promoters in ruminants. The feedback is also very positive when associated with monensin. Silvafeed® ByPro leaves no residue in derivatives and is an excellent natural alternative to replace antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP).


Better utilization of nutrients

Silvafeed® ByPro enhances the absorption of dietary nutrients, particularly proteins, improving the physical attributes and health of the animal. In dairy cows, the product provides increased milk production, better milk quality and an increase in milk protein, while reducing urea in milk.


In beef cattle, improved growth rate and feed conversion has been observed. Manella notes that meta-analysis of about 20 experiments published in confinement with Silvafeed® ByPro, showed an improvement of 10% in the live weight gains and 5% improvement in feed conversion ratios.


Animal health

Silvafeed® ByPro maximizes intestinal health, aiding in maintaining a healthy immune system. The reduction of acidosis and bloat through modification of the bacterial population is one of the advantages of the product. The product has astringent properties and acts on intestinal mucosa. Silvafeed® ByPro promotes the reduction of diarrhea by maintaining a better stool consistency. The product interacts with beneficial bacteria in the gut, which enhances the body's defenses against pathogens, such as Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens and Escherichia coli. In calves, Silvafeed® ByPro reduces stress during weaning, improves intestinal health and reduces the incidences of diarrhea.

Ben Kimoro Ben Kimoro
M. SC. Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition)
May 10, 2016
Lovely article which is rich in information. I especially like the positive attributes in regards to possible reduction of GHGs. Just like it has been asked earlier, who are the suppliers in Africa and in Kenya for that matter?
Rick Serier Rick Serier
Animal Nutritionist
May 10, 2016
I am wondering if this product has been tested on other ruminants, like sheep. We have a large number of lambs in feedlots as well as cattle.
Somnath H Mane Somnath H Mane
Animal Nutritionist
May 11, 2016
Very good article. Can I get in india. Also what is effect of bypass protein on reproduction have you study? How improve milk quality.
Dr.Thirumeignanam, D., Dr.Thirumeignanam, D.,
PhD in Animal Nutrition
May 12, 2016
good approach-Tannin - natural protectant of protein degradation in rumen/ reducing methane production
Please send your research article related with your product.

Animal Nutritionist
Tamilnadu, India
Cheri Linkchorst Cheri Linkchorst
Dairy producer
May 12, 2016
Is there somewhere in the U.S. that I can purchase this?
Marcelo Manella Marcelo Manella
Account Executive
Silvateam S.p.a Silvateam S.p.a
Piemonte, Italy
June 11, 2016
Good Afternoon.
Sorry for the delay on answering the comments, but I will try to do it all in here.
In Us we just got the FDA clearence past month, an you may contact
Silvateam USA
3200 E Guasti Rd #100
Ontario, CA 91761
United States of America
Tel. 1 909 6352870
Fax 1 909 6352871

We also have some research on dairy cattle, with improvement on protein contend, with reduction of milk urea nitrogen, and increase o Milk production 0ver 2 liters/day. Some other research with small ruminants also were conducted, especially with meat cheap.
In Africa, we still not have a supplier, but you may contact our head office in Itally to perform importation, our buying the product.
Silvateam S.p.a.
Via Torre, 7
12080 San Michele M.vì (CN)

Tel: +39 0174 220111
Fax: +39 0174 220374

The dosage that we recommended is 0,15% od Dry matter intake for beef cattle, and around 0.2% DMI for dairy cows. we have not evaluated t3 and t4 hormone, but we do have seen improvement on antioxidant status, and in case of beef longer shelf live.
Please, if you have demand for a specific research, please send me a email mmanella@silvateam.com
Surasak S. Surasak S.
Sales and Marketing Director
July 8, 2016
In this application (The dosage that we recommended is 0,15% of Dry matter intake for beef cattle, and around 0.2% DMI for dairy cows) you are using hydrolysable or Condensed tannin?
Surasak S. Surasak S.
Sales and Marketing Director
July 8, 2016
Can we mixed this product into milk for calve 1-2 weeks old to reduce scouring problem. How much inclusion rate for prevention and treatment?
Ogunbosoye, Dupe Olufunke Ogunbosoye, Dupe Olufunke
Animal Nutritionist
July 20, 2016
This is actually a break through research. The problem is the availability of this product in a country like Nigeria. How do we get it here and at what rate.
Thank you.
April 2, 2017
what is the effect on fat and t.d.n after the add of silvafeed
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