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International Workshop on Dairy Science Park 2013
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International Workshop on Dairy Science Park 2013

Effect of cage-exchange-floor rearing system on growth performance and carcass characteristics, of sexed broilers fed at different levels of MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharide)

Published on: 11/25/2013
Author/s : M. Talha M. Akram, S. Mehmood, K. Javed, A.W.Sahota, J. Hussain, S. Javaid (Department of Poultry Production UVAS, Lahore)

Present study was planned to evaluate the effect of Cage-Exchange-Floor rearing system on growth performance, carcass characteristics of sexed and straight-run broilers fed at different levels of Mannan Oligosaccharide (Control, 400g/ton, 600g/ton, 800g/ton). 720 day old commercial Hubbard broiler chicks were purchased from the local market and divided into 72 replicates each having 10 chicks. 36 replicate in cages and 36 on the floor with separation of male and female. After 21 days it was reciprocal. Weekly data on feed intake, body weight, FCR and carcass characteristics (dressed weight, breast yield, thigh yield, giblet weight, keel length, shank length) were recorded after slaughtering 2 birds per replicate. The data thus collected were analyzed using CRD in factorial arrangements and means were compared through Duncan Multiple Range test. Significantly higher (P<0.05) body weight and improved FCR was recorded in male birds fed at 600g/ton of feed than female birds having floor rearing system and overall lower mortality rate. All the slaughtering characteristics remained unaffected at different MOS levels but heart weight was slightly more in male broiler moved from floor to cage.

Keyword: Rearing system, MOS, growth performance, carcass characteristics, sex

Author/s :
Mr. Shahid Mehmood is lecturer in the Department of Poultry Production at since 2008, he is also pursuing his Ph.D. and is working on “Effect of different management strategies on growth performance, biochemical profile and immune response of broilers”. He has also worked as lecturer cum farm officer in the project “Establishment of Poultry Research and Training Centers” at Ravi Campus. He is managing and operating environmentally controlled Poultry House since 2009 at Ravi Campus.
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