A successful production of black tiger shrimp in the Philippines

Published on: 01/11/2014
Author/s : Henry David L. Fong (San Miguel Foods, Inc. – BMEG Feeds Business Unit, Philippines), Patricio Raphael (INVE Aquaculture, Philippines), Henry K. Young, Amelyn Bravo (HKY Industries, Inc,), Olivier Decamp (Inve Aquaculture, Thailand) and Maryann Solis (Spectrum Biosolutions)

In this showcase in the Visayas, the collaborative efforts of a feed and aqua health team increased production at HKY Farm to 9.3 tonnes/ha. The black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon industry in the Visayas province of the Philippines has faced several challenges over the last 4 years, from low farm gate price, White Spot Syndrome Virus and other disease outbreaks, deteriorating...

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January 11, 2014
This is good news. My father and I operate some fishponds in Mindanao (Magallanes, Agusan Del Norte).I would like to get more info about these processes. I tried to connect with Olivier's Linkedin account. May I have the contact details of people involved in this collaboration. I have just registered with my email address.
Olivier Decamp Olivier Decamp
Product Manager Farm & Feedmill
January 13, 2014
Thank you for your message, Wendelio.
Let's discuss it by email. My contact is o.decamp@inveaquaculture.com
henry david fong henry david fong
February 22, 2014
Good morning Mr. Buyan, I am Mr. Henry David L. Fong, then National Technical Solutions manager for San Miguel Corp. -Philippines.
I was the one handling directly this project, & i'm very glad to share information with Filipino farmers. Should you need any details on this project : Succesful production of Black Tiger Shrimp in the Philippines, please feel free to contact or reach me thru :

Cell. # +63 - 920973-2880
Phone +63-325123748
I have both Viber & WhatsApp

Have a nice day .

Henry David L. Fong
Univalm EnkocoGreengold Univalm EnkocoGreengold
Instructional Manager
February 23, 2014
Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. All of these requirements can only be achieved if you are a holder of a Daily Parameter on Prawn/Fish Biological Requirements (DPP/FBR). Aquaculture is the raising of marine species outside from its natural habitat from hatching to maturity to marketable sizes, supported and back-up by artificial means of supporting its life in different biological requirement based on their habitat --- from estuarine to inner littoral to the outer littoral of the sea.

Aquaculture technology is a “Knowledge of Power” --- but it depends upon the source of your technology. Aquaculture is an arithmetic bugs, it Adds to your misery; Subtract to your pleasure; Divide your attention and Multiply like HECK!
Zandro A. Flores Zandro A. Flores
May 23, 2014

I'd like to hear your advice if how do i start a business on this tiger shrimp..I have a prospective sea location (mangrove area) somewhere in Caraga region.

Thank you
Zandro Flores
Univalm EnkocoGreengold Univalm EnkocoGreengold
Instructional Manager
June 1, 2014

Good day Zandro,

Having a prospective sea location site, you are million miles away from your desire to get into the prawn business. First and foremost Capital availability; 2nd your willingness and desire to live your footprints in the dikes of your would-be fishfarm; 3rd it is more advisable to take-over an existing farm let's say you can start with a half or one hectare pond. To do all this you need a mentor like us, through the kindness of this site, "Engormix" keep yourself posted on the development of aquaculture. For transfer technology feel free to email us at univalm@myway.com

Thanks for your interest of the industry,

Univalm Research for Scientific & Technological Advances

Dinh thang Dinh thang
August 21, 2014
Dear all we have produced an amazing turbine aeration in shrimp farm. Save energy and provide high oxygen!
We are looking for agency in phillipines. Pls contact us at biofood.vn
Raffy Perez Raffy Perez
December 20, 2014
Am thankful for the information and the people who are willing to help... I do not have enough knowledge in shrimps but am interested. I wanted to be involve in shrimp business and i am going to start in storing knowledge so i could practice and to become output when opportunity comes...

So please help me and thank you very much..
April 29, 2015
Dear all,
I'm elaine chang from malaysia .
Knowing this forum are discussion for cultivate black tiger shrimp.

Sorry to interrupt. Seeing here all are successful professional producer and farmer.
I'm interested of buying black tiger shrimp.
Anyone knowing Philipine exporter of Bt shrimp,,pls introduce.
Tomoro I will arrive to Cebu and Manila day after.
hope able to meet up.
Whatapps /weChat/line/ +60147125557

Thanks and appreciated
jawed kalam jawed kalam
General Manager
May 12, 2015
I am interested in contacting the growers of black tiger prawn in luzon and visayas as I have monthly requirements. Could any body provide me with the names of such intensive farming growers whom I could asist by buying thier produce regularly. Preferred are growners in Luzon. Failing which in Visayas and lastly in Mindanao.
Jawed Kalam
tel: 0917-5410358
email: primamodas@gmail.com
Marlon V. Catalan Marlon V. Catalan
Police Officer ( Criminal and Detection Investigator)
July 26, 2015
07/26/2015/ Gud day!,
Im Marlon Catalan, a criminal and detection investigator assigned at Surigao del Sur, Caraga Region, Philippines and i had a 21 hectares of fish farm, i cultured tiger prawn for quite a long time already but i feel interested with your technology and procedures as well as your expertise in fish farming especially BT prawns. I'll be grateful if you share with me your knowledge to be more productive and be a part of the well producing fish farmers in the country.

Best Regards.
Olivier Decamp Olivier Decamp
Product Manager Farm & Feedmill
August 3, 2015
Dear Marlon. Thank you for your message. Could you please send me an email (o.decamp@inveaquaculture.com) with your full contact details. Best regards,
sam sam
September 2, 2015
have a 1 ha farm lot prospect for intensive farming purposes..do you assist on how to start BT prawn farm business? thank you
October 15, 2015
Hi, im Rj Mariano. Im operating a shrimp farming in mindanao growing a BT Shrimp. Im very interested to learn more techniques and know-how about culturing a BT Shrimp. Right now, im still an extensive method type operator but im trying hard to achieve to become a fully intensive operator. I've begin introducing different aeration system to have a high survival rate of my BT Shrimps. I would like to ask if anyone can advise me about additional fertilizers to achieve a higher survival rate of my BT Shrimps.
Olivier Decamp Olivier Decamp
Product Manager Farm & Feedmill
October 15, 2015
Thank you for your message. We have various protocols that can be applied in extensive and semi-intensive farming. Could you please send me you coordinates and I would put you in contact with our commercial people for the Philippines.
October 15, 2015
Do you mean, Coordinate / location of the area where i operate? Many thanks.
Olivier Decamp Olivier Decamp
Product Manager Farm & Feedmill
October 15, 2015
your email address, please.
October 15, 2015
You can contact me thru arjay.mariano@gmail.com. Many thanks again..
October 16, 2015
Hi, can i ask where can we buy this INVE AQUACULTURE products here in Philippines? Especially in Mindanao? Many thanks..
November 21, 2015
I have a buyer for 25 tons a month for tiger prawns. Interested to know where to source this requirement.
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