Possible Effects of Feeding Fish the Dried-Treated Sewage on Bioaccumulation of Metals, Morphological Lesions and Mortality Rate

Published on: 12/06/2014
Author/s : Abdelhamid M. Abdelhamid, Mehrim, A.I. and Alkatan, M.A. (Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Mansoura University, Egypt.)

INTRODUCTION Most of the Egyptian wild (marine, brackish, and fresh) water bodies is contaminated with agricultural, industrial, and urban drainage, which is responsible for their water and fish pollution with different heavy metals (Abdelhamid et al., 2006a and 2013 a&b) at levels exceeding the Egyptians’ tolerance limits (ES, 1993 and Abdelhakeem et al., 2002). Heavy metals pollu...

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Ahmed Ismail Mehrim Ahmed Ismail Mehrim
Professor of Fish Physiology
December 6, 2014
Best wishes for you my prof. Dr. Abdelhamid
Barry Brown Barry Brown
December 8, 2014
A very interesting study, and opportune. This is especially significant due to the bad rap, tilapia farmed fish is experiencing in the west. Any justification for the utilization of dried -treated sewage in aquaculture, would by necessity require a mammoth change in perception. neverthe less science and technology marches on.
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