Growth performance, feed utilization and blood components of Nile tilapia Oreochromis nilotics as affected by dietary protein source and zinc supplementation.

Published on: 02/14/2013
Author/s : Prof. Dr. Ayyat Mohamed Salah (Zagazig University), Fayza S. Abbas, El-Marakby H.I. (Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research), Safaa M. Sharaf (Suez Canal University)

IntroductionAquaculture technology has evolved the push toward faster growth and higher production of fish has involved the enhancement or replacement of natural foods with prepared diets. Shiau et al. (1989) indicate that when dietary protein was suboptimal (24%), up to 67% of the fish meal protein in tilapia feeds can be replaced by soybean meal protein without any adverse effect on tilapia grow...

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Benjamin Benjamin
Animal Nutritionist
February 14, 2013

Dear Author. Thanks for giving out such a work for viewers digest and learning. But what do the arrows pointing left to right between two values in all data mean? Did you treat the diet with phytase? If yes how was it applied to the diet? How do I cite your work for reference purpose? Hope to hear from you. I would be most grateful if you would respond to these questios.
Benjamin Akpoilih
Dept. of Animal Science and Fisheries
University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

February 3, 2014
Dear Dr. Benjamin Akpoilih
In our study we used dietary protein source and zinc supplementation and their interaction, but we did not use the phytase.
Our study can be cited in the other study in the relation between protein and energy level or source and dietary zinc addition
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