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Addcon to give a presentation at the Aquaculture Forum, Eurotier 2012

Published: October 1, 2012
Source : Engormix.com
German feed additive producer ADDCON will be present at Eurotier where Dr. Christian Lückstädt will give a presentation Nutritional strategies for a sustainable aquaculture: Aquaform a new feed additive for Pangasius culture at the Aquaculture Forum on November 14th, 2012.
The following is a summary of his presentation:
The current situation of the world food supply calls for supreme efforts to ensure the increasing requirements of the growing world population for staple diets and high-quality food and to bridge the widening gap in food demand and food supply especially in the developing world. More than one billion people are dependent on fish as their main protein source, and their number is likely to increase further. Especially aquaculture can be very helpful in this respect.
Vietnam is the world’s leading producer of Pangasius with a production of more than 1 Mio t. In 2011, Vietnamese Pangasius exports reached US$1.8 billion, rising 26.5% over the last year. However, high stocking densities and non-optimal water quality may impair fish health and growth performance. Growth may be improved through application of high quality feeds, as sustainability of feed ingredient use is one of the main factors for future successful Pangasius farming in SE-Asia. Potassium diformate (KDF, Aquaform), a double salt of formic acid, has been widely tested as dietary additive in fish and shrimp farming in this regard so far. Adding KDF to the supplemental diet is expected to improve health and growth performance of Pangasius, especially under farming conditions as practised inVietnam.
During the presentation, the results of the application of the additive under Vietnamese and Thai circumstances will be shown and discussed.
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