Control within plants to prevent Salmonella and Campylobacter

Microbiologic control within slaughter plants. S. Russell (University of Georgia)

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May 24, 2012

Dear Dr. Professor Scott M.Russell

Thank you very much for the informative presentation, probably one of the best I have seen on this subject. Please let me know the optimum pH of water in the scalding tank. You mentioned that a mixture of HCl and citric acid can be used for acidifying scald water. Could you tell us the approximate ratio of these two acid? 

Best Regards
D.Christopher Hettiarachchi

June 12, 2018

Dear Dr. Russel,

In which steps during the process in the slaughter plants would the application of HOCL be most effective... at what would be the minimum ppm FAC from your experience?

Thank you in advance.

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