Skystar Receives Award for Avian Coccidiosis Vaccine Project

Date of publication : 11/7/2007
Source : PR Newswire
Skystar Bio- Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a leading bio-pharmaceutical company in the People's Republic of China today announced that the Company was awarded the National High Technology Industrialization Pilot Project ("NHTIPP") for its DLV avian coccidiosis vaccine.

Skystar received the NHTIPP award at the Ninth Shenzhen China High-Tech Fair in Shenzhen on October 12, 2007. The ACV project is a high-tech industrialization project approved and inspected by the National Development and Reform Commission of China. The vaccine utilizes many technological innovations and key breakthroughs including dual-induced attenuated vaccine development and the selection, separation, purification and cultivation of coccidian vaccine strains. Skystar's CEO, Mr. Weibing Lu, accepted the award at the conference on behalf of the Company.

"The NHTIPP award is an important recognition of Skystar's technological achievements in the bio-pharmaceutical industry,"  commented CEO, Mr. Weibing Lu. "We believe independent innovation propels long-term growth and that our ACV vaccine project will help promote the development of high-tech industries in China, foster growth of new industries and improve traditional industries."

Avian coccidiosis is a common parasitic disease that affects chickens and poultry resulting in the death of untreated birds. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, avian coccidiosis costs the industry more than $3 billion in annual losses worldwide. Currently, avian coccidiosis is treated with drugs which can lead to drug resistance and result in drug residue in chicken and poultry products. Skystar was the first Chinese manufacturer to develop a vaccine to prevent avian coccidiosis.

NDRC is part of the State Council and the central director and governing body overseeing China's economic growth and development. In 2004, NDRC launched the NHTIPP initiative which has quickly led to the promotion of economic development based on independent innovation in China. To date, 607 high-technology industrialization projects have been awarded the NHTIPP.

About Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical

Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company is a China-based producer and distributor of vaccines, microorganisms and veterinary medication to cure and prevent disease in poultry, livestock, birds and pets. The Company's product line consists of more than 100 products with over 50 additional products in the developmental stage. Skystar has formed strategic sales distribution networks throughout China. The Company recently completed construction of new state-of-the-art bio-pharmaceutical facilities covering an area of almost eight acres. The new facilities meet or exceed all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Standards and have received GMP Certification from the Chinese government.
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