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Adisseo & Entobel join forces on alternative insect protein development

Date of publication : 5/5/2022
Company : Adisseo
Source : Adisseo

Adisseo & Entobel join forces  on alternative insect protein development - Image 1

Adisseo and Entobel have agreed to initiate a R&D collaboration to better understand and enhance insect rearing performance and the nutritional requirement of insects (BSF, Black Soldier Fly).

Adisseo and Entobel have decided to enter into a collaboration to join their respective expertise and work on different axis. By evaluating the interest and adaptation of the existing solutions they aim to improve production of insect’s meal, focused on the performance of the insects and the quality of this protein meal, prioritizing the way to control the ingredients used to feed insects, and their complementarities with the most important feed additives, like methionine and enzymes.

Adisseo, a world leader in animal nuitrition, has a long and strong expertise. Adisseo has been publishing its animal nutritional requirement guides since the 80´years. The first famous one was Alimentation Equilibrée de Commentry Tables 1987, better known as “A.E.C. Tables”. In 2003, it was renamed as eRhodimet Nutrition Guide and focused on animals amino acids requirement. A new version issued in 2012 has being updated when relevant data are recognized by the scientific community.

Currently, the higher requirement of sustainable proteins sources for feed and food, in a finite world boundary, insects are a promising nutritional alternative since they are an excellent bio converter of waste and co-products inedible for human or livestock. The success of insect production and its adoption by our customers will be depending on its competitivity, volume availability and its quality over time.

For that, there is a need for transformation in the rearing process based on optimal insect’s growth performance and producing a meal and oil with good nutritional value, whatever the type and quality of the raw material needed to feed insects.

Normally as a natural bioconverter, insects can use all type of substrate to grow, with different FCR and mortality. This variability of substrates will require specific knowledge and a different combination of additives.

As for poultry, the main factors of competitivity have been genetics, environmental conditions, and optimal nutrition.

We can consider that insect today is at the same stage than poultry nutrition was decades ago, and a lot of improvement are yet to come. Entobel, has a long expertise in insect productionand processing , one of the most advanced and agile insect players in Asia with more than 2 years of stable production track record on its current site in South Vietnam.

Entobel demonstrates already great stability of its feed formulation and thus was the perfect partner to optimize further with Adisseo additives portfolio. Thanks to its expertise in animal nutrition, amino acid requirement, animal digestibility, NIR ingredient analysis, Adisseo is the perfect partner to improve competitivity on Insect meal and oil production.

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