Rising meat consumption to drive meat and poultry processing equipment demand

Date of publication : 8/24/2021
Source : https://www.gminsights.com/industry-analysis/meat-and-poultry-processing-equipment-market

Meat and poultry products, being the excellent sources of protein, vitamins and minerals are observing a considerable rise in the consumption across the globe over the past few years. This is subsequently impelling the adoption of meat and poultry processing equipment which are predominantly used to convert raw meat to ready to eat meat. Some processing techniques also change the quality and flavor of meat, which in turn enhances its value. In light of the high product usability, meat and poultry processing equipment market is estimated to register a meritorious growth by recording an appreciable valuation of over USD 22.3 billion by 2027.

Meat processing equipment allows conservation, remove toxins, improve meat reliability and simplify allocation tasks which finally produces the processed meat that has a better taste, better life span, lower risk of meat-borne diseases and improved portability.

With increasing meat production and consumption around the world, demand for meat and poultry processing machines are gaining a high prominence in the food & beverage industry. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates, production of poultry meat is expected to increase from around 121 million metric tons through the aggregate of base period of 2016-18 to over 141 million metric tons by 2028. Speaking of other products, production of pig meat is anticipated to reach around 129 million metric tons, sheep meat to almost 17 million metric tons and veal and beef to nearly 77.5 million metric tons by 2028.

According to FAO, majority of poultry meat is being produced in the regions of Asia, Europe, North and South America as of 2018-19, wherein the major contributors are the U.S., Brazil, China and the European Union. Individual nations like the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, India and China are estimated to contribute significantly to the poultry meat volume by 2028 as compared to average in the base period of 2016-18. Taking these estimates into account, adoption of meat and poultry processing techniques is anticipated to increase considerably in the following years.

Different types of meat processing instruments available in the markets are designed according to consumer demand such as cutters, blenders, tenderizing equipment, dicing machines, meat grinders, filling machines, etc. Most of these instruments are used for home as well as business purposes owing to the superior convenience offered by them. For instance, meat grinder, which is an alternative for cut up knife, performs functions like grinding, mixing meat, etc.

Moving ahead, ongoing technological advancements with regards to these machines, is as well likely to spur the product demand globally. For instance, in 2020, when meat processors and producers faced challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, Tyson Foods came up with a way to minimize some of the shortcomings, by developing an automated deboning system for meat processing. The system is required to be employed for maintaining productivity during shortage of staff caused by lockdown restrictions during the pandemic. According to the company, automated deboning will be used to process nearly 40 million chickens every week.

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