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World Veterinary  Education in Production Animal Health  (WVEPAH)
World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH)

WVEPAH presents their poultry programs

Date of publication : 5/19/2017
Source : http://www.wvepah.org/

The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) is a non-profit organization, which, with the support of OIE, offers to experts in veterinary poultry production the possibility to complete and officially certify their previously acquired skills.

In the world of high-level experts, they specialize in various fields such as practitioners, employees of pharmaceutical firms, the food industry and veterinary service or in poultry education. The level of expertise in different fields varies a lot, depending on the professional curriculum and the individual training. Each expert has different skills, but to be fully effective, it is important to reach the level of the international standards required by the OIE, in each field of expertise, needed for the overall management of a poultry production. The table below summarizes the statistics of our previous programs showing 120 participants from 22 different nationalities.

The programs consist, firstly, of a «common» module to all poultry species and the regulatory components of the OIE. Secondly «Specialized» modules, cover all production and disease aspects of «Broiler Chickens», «Commercial layers», «Turkeys» and «Water Fowl».

WVEPAH courses are taught by internationally recognized veterinarians, who have experience, knowledge and teaching skills. Each 10 days module is residential and allows direct exchanges under professional control, with clinical cases presented by the CMs and the participants. Practical work includes necropsies, laboratory work and visits to production sites, familiarization with new tools and protocols. Prior to the course, the participants receive the course notes, so the weak points can be covered in advance. Between each module, the « Secret Facebook Group » provides distance learning across the network.

Courses, according to the location, are available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. The general content is identical everywhere but adapted for the regional experts, assuring a higher level of skills and the homogeneity of the group.

Validation of the « Common » and the « Specialized » modules is done through an exam and the submission of clinical cases, leading to the « Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production » which is an academic degree awarded by the University of Luxembourg (LU) and validated by the OIE, worldwide. In accordance with the conditions and regulations of LU, the professional Master degree is the continuity of the certificate. By participating to the programs of the WVEPAH, you will join the community of international experts in health and poultry production.

The conditions and registration details are available at www.wvepah.org and info@wvepah.org

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