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Signs from day 2

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Rajasekaran Kannusamy
Veterinary Doctor
Date: July 15, 2016

Some chicks have started exhibiting nervous signs from day 2 till 7-8 days with morbidity between 2-12%, subsequently died or removed. The incidence continued in subsequent flocks as well, not responded for supplementation of combinations of vitamins.

Discussion created on 07/15/2016
Incidence in broiler chicks.
Chicks have not started uniformly, drinking and feeding, on arrival.
The signs have started appearing from day 2 and persisted till 7-8 days. First 3 days with high incidence, but later continued in grown up birds as well.
Signs of inco-ordination, head tremor, walking back then progressed to lateral recumbancy and succumbed. Very few had swelling around eyes.
Poor feed consumption and weight gain and variation in size.
On PM, signs of dehydration early on, un absorbed and infected yolk observed by day 6. No other marked lesions observed.
Need your advise on this.
The incidence is nil in recent batches.
Rajasekaran Kannusamy
Veterinary Doctor
Chakma Rupen Chakma Rupen
Doctor of veterinary medicine(D.V.M.)
September 10, 2016
I had same type of experience in broiler chicks as your posted photograph & description. Usually we used to treat this type of cases with combined vitamins, but did not get any response. After failure of mentioned treatment , I tried it with antiviral drug along with previous, but result was not satisfactory. I am also confused , it might be Avian encephalomyelitis virus infection .
Panya Boonprasert Panya Boonprasert
November 29, 2016
Normally , the problem come from the Hatcher , the temperature before chick hatch variance and too high in some period.
Dr. Jitu Goswami Dr. Jitu Goswami
MVSc (Pathology)
November 29, 2016
This condition comes in chicks for following reasons
1. Hatchery problem - If reo virus infection carries from parents to chick then arthritis problem seen in chicks. The signs includes lameness, leg bending, low feed consumption and high mortality. This situation is difficult to treat. Only preventive medicines including high dose of vitamin E with selenium, antiviral spray can be done. Problem should be treated in parent flock by doing suitable vaccine.

2. Management problem - When chicks hatched, they already have yolk. They need some time to absorb this yolk. During this period, if we supplement highprotein (above 23%) feed, that time also this problem is seen. High protein diet result in unutilised yolk which will infected by bacteria. Also high protein resulted kidney failure and ascites which finally leads to lameness, lateral recumbancy with eyes swollen and closed. Lesions are seen in kidney. Mortality is due to inability to drink water and eat feed. In this situation, first check the protein level in feed then give birds low protein diet or maize alone for 1-2 days along with kidney tonic and Vitamin E with selenium.
April 5, 2017
It is really good
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