Phytogenics Strategies to improve farm profitability

Phytogenics Strategies to improve farm profitability

March 16, 2017
Novotel Hotel Bangkok - Thailand
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Phytogenics are budding trend to manage productivity in food production animals. Data confirms that more unjustified usage of antibiotics have given more problem then solutions. Countries which have been using more antibiotics has more numbers of Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria caused Deaths. According to report AMR is going to be no one danger in years to come if not controlled. Reduction on antimicrobials without proper alternatives is also detrimental to productivity of animals.”
Ayurvet Steps forward to provide a platform for its global associates and custodians of animal food Production and animal healthcare industry to meet and discuss in seminar “Phytogenics Strategies to improve farm profitability” scheduled in the evening of 16th March 2017 in Bangkok. Participation is strictly though Invitation only.
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Praful Kumar
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine